Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Revolution.....

Wait, don't you mean RESOLUTION? Nope. I meant what I wrote here. Revolution. The idea of overthrowing something in favor of something else. But that's the idea, you know? I've been downloaded to the max with purpose....aiding and putting boot to rear for the cause. I said it before...I'm married to a wife who's just as burdened with this purpose. Spread the word, get it out, make a difference.

I'm a billboard, of sorts, but I'm also the cheerleader, Robin, Kato, Speedy, Arsenal, get the idea. I'm the co-pilot and as such, I'm responsible for putting my wife's name out there for her to become to stuff of legend.

I'm not a strong speaker or a salesman, but I AM a guy who believes in what he sees firsthand. I've seen this thing work. Is it for me? That trial has yet to be written, but I'm not opposed. For this thing, I don't have to write much each time. Why? Because Nerium speaks for itself.

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