Tuesday, March 10, 2015


When we began the journey just a couple of months back, I had my reservations about keeping tabs on all three kids during the time my wife would be at meetings/ market parties/ real results parties/ and all the like, but the first brand partner to sign up changes things...it makes the effort and partnership into a molten mass of solid titanium, but twice as strong. Seriously, the companionship goes off the charts when your partner in the journey is available to pursue the opportunity Nerium presents when the time and effort are there.

I won't lie to you, the journey is hard, but as I've been told many times before, anything worth doing is never easy. Some say that the best products rarely have to be sold by people. This, I know to be true. When a product is good enough, it will sell itself on results alone. Nerium does it, carpet protector solution does it, and the deal works.

So what's the secret of success? Good question. From my observation, there are only a couple of 'must haves'.

1. Patience
2. Passion
3. Persistence

With each of these, you can spot times and places to interject the product into converation and, as I said, the product works well enough to sell itself without prodding.